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Reasons Behind The Popularity Of MX Player

Gadgets have really changed the lifestyle of the people in which world. Basically, people do not spend money on the movie ticket and prefer to watch the movie on different gadgets such as the smartphone. However, some phone in-built application doesn’t support the large movies so users need to download a unique application called MX player. Well, MX player is the best application that helps you to play High-definition videos and movies in different gadgets. There are lots of features those users will get the player if your video is not working then use this unique media player and enjoy.


Success of MX player

Media player works perfectly even it is very easy to use and better than others. Users are able to use various kinds of features in it. This is the main reason why it is counted in the top rating applications. If you still have any doubt about its performance then you can easily read the reviews on online different online sources. MX player’s old users shared their experienced online which you can read and understand its importance. Now you will read how MX player made its significant space in its user’s heart. There are many users those download this player and suggesting others to use it.

MX player is available for IOS and Android users

Developers really worked hard on the application and make it perfect. If you are an android user then you should download MX player pro apk latest android online. Due to the latest version, you are able to take it's more benefits which were not possible in an old version. It doesn’t require too much space in the gadget. Even it is totally free and available for not only for the android but IOS users can also take its advantages.  In addition to this, there is not any registration fee you need to pay for its use. You don’t need to go anywhere because its download is available on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store.

Check out some valuable features MX player

Every user of the MX player always praises of its performance because of its valuable features. Even, if you are going to download it there read all these features below.

  • It is very easy to control the MX player.
  • There are various kinds of supported subtitle formats include those help users to understand the video.
  • Users can also make zoom the video and watch perfectly.
  • If the movie is downloaded in the dual audio then you can change the audio language in controls.
  • Not only the videos but you can access photos, media, files, and GIF.
  • The unique feature called HQ+ Decoder allows you to apply the Hardware Acceleration to more videos.
  • Kids lock gives you an opportunity to entertain the kids without any issue.

Well, all these features those you will get in the MX Player are really unique. Even after downloading it you will forget the use of other and in-built media player of the smartphone. 

How to use the MX player in the smartphone?

A user needs to MX player pro apk download online and installs it on their IOS or Android device. After that, they need to go MX player setting and select the folders where the media files are existing. If we talk about its use then you on the top of the screen you can use the hidden option to seek the position of the video. Instead of this, sometimes we need to on/off the volume which is available on the right side of the screen. If the brightness of the video is low or you are watching it in darkness then you can control the brightness which is available on the left side.

Moving further, users can use the thumb and main first finger in order to Zoom and Pan which is optional. You can click on the center in order to Play/pause the video. On the right and left the side of the pause button there are two options with which user can Next/Previous the video. Even users can also customize the subtitle and place it in their desired place. If you still have any doubt then you can clear it by choosing the option of help which is available in the settings.

OG YouTube – Features Of The Product



If you are searching for a source which can help in downloading YouTube videos then choose OG YouTube. It is an application and for availing its services you need to ogyoutube download. You can easily get its set-up on the internet. For accessing its services properly you should focus on associated file. It is another application named as microG.

Quick download

Way of downloading the videos is the biggest thing. The main issue which is faced by most of the users is related to speed. This particular application is helpful in increasing the downloading speed and saves lots of time.

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For it, the users are not required to perform any type of activity. All these things are helpful in improving the overall performance.

Multiple downloads

Most of the individuals love to download numerous videos. These types of individuals are searching for the source which provides services with multiple download option. It is beneficial in downloading different types of videos at a time. By it, the users are not required to access the application for setting the video to get downloaded. With it, the users are also able to open several tabs at a time.

Formats for downloading

The users of ogyoutube xda are able to get outcomes in different formats. With the help of this particular feature, they can download the YouTube’s files in two basic formats such as –

  • Audio
  • Video

Convert video into MP3

It is a unique feature offered by the platform. By accessing it, the users are able to convert videos into audio files. By it, you can save data by downloading a small audio file as compared to heavy video file. For all these features you need to install an application on the device only which is OG YouTube.

Mini Militia Game APK – Best Game Ever Played

The way of game is one of the best sources of spending free time. When it comes to make the free time enjoyable at that time the name of Mini Militia appears at the top. In the game, the players are required to take help from the shooting skills and try to eliminate the opponents as fast as possible. With the help of all these things, they are able to eliminate the enemies easily. At the beginning of the battle, the players need to take help from small weapons.


In these types of conditions, the players are required take help from the grenades more. The use of grenades is highly beneficial in blocking the way of opponents. If you are playing it with mini militia pro pack then you can get better experience easily.

Play with friends – if you want to play the game online with friends then you should connect account with the Google+. It helps you in accessing the friend list in the game and enjoys the game with them. It enables the players for getting multiplayer experience easily.

In-app purchases – the way of in-app purchase is beneficial in activating the pro pack on the account. The use of pro pack is helpful in availing service from different types of features easily. For it, the players should choose the Mini Militia pro pack download and save money. By it, they are not required to pay real money for unlocking the features.

Customization – the game provides the opportunity to the players for personalizing the game character. The players can change the outfit, facials, hairs and numerous other things. You should create or customize the Avatar in an impressive which can help you in leaving a good impression on the other players. All these factors are beneficial in enjoying the game properly.

All You Need To Know About SMS Bomber APK

Are you looking for new prank tricks? Well, if yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, users will attain sufficient relevant information regarding SMS Bomber in order to joke around with the mates.

What is SMS Bomber? Lets Find Out.


First of all, SMS Bomber APK is an application, which supports the users to send an enormous amount of text message without facing too many complications.

There is no need to be worried about anything. These applications are free to use and very safe. Most importantly, the functions are very straightforward, which makes this app top trending. 

In addition, to add more flavors, the creators of SMS Bomber have introduced some exacting features, which surely make the users enjoy it fully.

The elements of these applications are available in the form of unlimited SMS, Prank calls, and many more things. 

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If you haven’t heard of this innovative application, then install SMS Bomber now and get entertained without making too much effort. 

However, there are some folks who are not able to allocate it appropriately and end up facing complications. If you are one of them, then scroll down and learn about the SMS Bomber with ease.

  • It is available for both iOS and Android platforms, so you can conveniently download it from the official website of the SMS Bomber.
  • Download the SMS Bomber latest apk, if you are using the older version. By doing this, users can easily unwind more mysteries of this application.
  • You can also commence the prank call and use them as a joker. However, if you are operating the SMS Bomber from the website, then this feature is forbidden.
  • The users can also send a prank call with the support of the application as compared to the official website. There is no need to be get worried, it is very simple and conveniently to operate it.
  • If you have a mate in UK and want to do a prank with him or her, use the SMS Bomber. It also offers the UK calling features along with the India number code.
  • There is also no need to put the number, just tap on the Contact and get access to your contact list without facing too many complications.
  • Most importantly, it is advisable to you the SMS Bomber as a prank instead of the revenge. So, don’t violate the rules and regulation and have fun in the free time.
  • Just Bomb it and commence numerous sorts of prank. However, there is a limit of texting the messages in bulk. You can only send 100 messages at a time and make 5 call pranks per day. So, utilize the app appropriately in order to enjoy without making any kind of efforts.

On the whole, download the SMS Bomber application now and have fun without making too many complications. If there any problem regarding this app, then read the above-mentioned information to overcome it without facing any types of hassles.